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Begining of 21 Century Era as known as 3rd millenium, world market begin more competitive, realtime service competition be an primary asset supporting business existence. SAP Express as a company speclized in the field of courier and logistic services and cargo, found since 2013, was a initiator of courier business which using integrated online system in every branches in Indonesia, managed by profesional and competence personnel.

Dengan Menggunakan Jasa Kurir, Pengguna memiliki keuntungan sebagai berikut :

- Resiko Mengecil
- Menghemat waktu
- Menghemat biaya-biaya
- Report yang di hasilkan Up to date
- Kepercayaan mitra kerja bertambah

Armada yang tersedia
- Kurir Motor
- Blind Van

Cabang dan Agen Utama : +/- 70

17-May-2017 14:06:57